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Молекулярная структура
CAS-номер: 81098-60-4 Заказать# RT000128 Заказать Распечатать
  • Synonyms Benzamide,4-amino-5-chloro-N-[1-[3-(4-fluorophenoxy)propyl]-3-methoxy-4-piperidinyl]-2-methoxy-,cis-; Acenalin; Coordinax; Prepulsid; Propulsin; R 51619; Risamal; T 1341; cis-2-Methoxy-4-amino-5-chloro-N-[1-[3-(4-fluorophenoxy)propyl]-3-methoxy-4-piperidinyl]benzamide; 4-Amino-5-chloro-N-{(3R,4S)-1-[3-(4-fluorophenoxy)propyl]-3-methoxypiperidin-4-yl}-2-methoxybenzamide;
  • EINECS279-689-7
  • Molecular FormulaC23H29ClFN3O4
  • AppearanceWhite to slightly beige powder
  • Molecular Weight465.945463
  • Density1.29 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point605.4 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Melting Point107 - 111
  • Flash Point319.9 °C
  • Storage TemperatureKeep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder. Keep away from incompatible materials, ignition sources and untrained individuals. Secure and label area. Protect containers/cylinders from physical damage.
  • Refractive index1.593
  • SolubilitySoluble to 100 mM in DMSO,practically insoluble in water, sparingly soluble in methanol.
  • Biological Activity5-HT 4 receptor agonist and gastrokinetic agent. Stimulates intestinal acetylcholine release, possibly via 5-HT 4 receptor-dependent and -independent mechanisms, leading to increased intestinal motility.
  • StabilityNo data.
  • UsageA Serotonin 5-HT4 receptro agonist. Used as a Gastroprokinetic

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