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Free delivery of purchased goods is a unique offer for the customers who have ordered equipment

Goods transportation

REATORG offers its clients delivery of goods from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South Americas. The range of our transportation services covers all areas of this activity.

We perform international transportation of all types - sea container transportation, transportation by air and truck, combined multimodal transportation, including "door-to-door" transportation, transportation of dangerous cargo and of cargo requiring temperature control.
sea container transportation

One of the most affordable and budget-friendly types of cargo transportation is sea container transportation. We offer transportation of goods by sea from any port of the world. Our experts will select the best possible scheme of sea transportation based on your cargo parameters - full container load (FCL), or less than container load (LCL). All type of sea containers are available - 20’, 40’, 40’ High Cube, Open Top containers, 20’ and 40’ reefers and others.

air delivery

Transportation by air ensures minimum delivery time regardless of distances. We are ready to offer air delivery from any airport of the world.

transportation by truck

Our company renders cargo transportation by truck, including as a part of less-than-car loads. Cargo is transported by truck using different routes from different countries, but the priority and most popular transportation by truck is that from Europe.

refrigerated transportation

If you need temperature control for your cargo, we develop the best possible "cold chain" to deliver it - a transportation route along which the set temperature is maintained at all stages. Such transportation is carried out using special refrigerated trucks, or refrigerated air containers with sensors which record the temperature along the entire transportation route.

Our company has an extensive experience in arranging dangerous goods transportation, where extraordinary security measures should be observed.

multimodal transportation

When transporting cargo from abroad multimodal transportation is used as a rule - combined transportation using different modes of transport (for example, transportation by truck "from door" - sea container transportation - transportation by truck "to door"). This approach allows us to make the best possible route for cargo transportation, to save delivery time and minimize transportation costs. Our experts arrange international multimodal transportation of your cargo from anywhere in the world.

transportation throughout Russia and insurance

REATORG also offers cargo transportation throughout Russia, including that with the use of own trucks. We insure all types of cargo transportation, regardless of cargo categories and transportation mode.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance procedure is an important, often decisive step in international delivery of cargo. REATORG offers the entire range of goods customs clearance services both in the Russian Federation and abroad. Our experience allows us to effectively solve the most complex tasks associated with customs clearance.

We also offer professional assistance in drawing up of goods certificates and permits..
Our advantages
  • Cargo delivery arrangement using the best possible transportation and logistic schemes, including "door-to-door" delivery
  • Development of individual logistic solutions specifically for your cargo
  • Arrangement of dangerous cargo transportation
  • Arrangement of cargo requiring temperature control
  • Integrated approach to arranging delivery - finding the most suitable mode of transportation and shipment route
  • The entire range of customs clearance services in country of origin and country of destination
  • Cargo insurance, including that for multimodal transportation
  • Certification
  • Comprehensive legal support of foreign economic operations
  • Many years of experience

Integrated approach
Best possible price/quality ratio
Own logistics department
Own production facility