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Press Release for the Summit Pharmastrategies-2017

8 October 2016 Press release

       REATORG sponsored the Summit Pharmastrategies-2017, which was held in Moscow on October 3-4, 2016 at the Swisshotel Krasnye Holmy, Conference Center.  The event was supported by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the Association of Pharmacy Management and Marketing. More than 250 people attended the summit during the two days.

     The Summit included two events: the main event of the fall the VIII International Conference "What's Going on in the Pharmaceutical Market?" and the VII Pharmacy Summit "Pharmacy Network Effective Management".

     Leading industry experts discussed macroeconomic forecasts for 2017: investment strategies, regulatory policy in the pharmaceutical industry, the current situation and key stages in implementation of Pharma-2020 strategy, regulation of the pharmaceutical market of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), competition and pricing were also discussed.

     At the end of "Pharmaceutical Business in Russia: a Prospective Scenario for Development of the Pharmaceutical Market in 2016" conference, there were several discussions on: budgets and plans for 2017, what a GM should know when starting to plan 2017, what are the forecasts for the year, what are the tools for planning.

     The following issues were discussed at the VII Pharmacy Summit "Pharmacy Network Effective Management": crisis and its impact on pharmaceutical retail, what lessons the pharmacy business has learned from the last crisis, ways for improving efficiency of retail business; business owners opinion on how to determine the right mark-up, consolidation of the retail market; changing the relationship between networks and distributors, restructuring the retail market, its new opportunities, risks and challenges. A sensitive issue for discussion was the situation with single non-network pharmacies in conditions of market consolidation, options for survival in the market and opposition to networks.

     All delegates and guests of the forum, after the 2 days of the Pharmastrategies Summit 2017 were unanimous in their opinion about its usefulness and timeliness of discussions held there.

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