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Молекулярная структура
CAS-номер: 551-11-1 Заказать# RT000218 Заказать Распечатать
  • Synonyms (+)-ProstaglandinF2a; 7-[3,5-Dihydroxy-2-(3-hydroxy-1-octenyl)cyclopentyl]-5-heptenoic acid; 9a,11a,15(S)-Trihydroxy-5-cis-13-trans-prostadienoic acid; 9a,11a-PGF2; 9a,11a-PGF2a; Amoglandin; Cyclosin; Cyclosin (pharmaceutical); Dinifertin; Dinoprost; Enzaprost; Enzaprost F; Glandin N; PGF2a; Panacelan; Prostaglandin F2; Prostaglandin F2a; Prostamate; Prostarmon F; Prostin F 2 alpha; Protamodin; U 14583;
  • Molecular FormulaC20H34O5
  • AppearanceWhite to off-white crystalline solid.
  • Molecular Weight354.48096
  • Density1.153 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point531 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Melting Point25–35ºC
  • Flash Point289 °C
  • Storage TemperatureStore in a tightly closed container.
  • Refractive index1.569
  • Solubility100mg/ml soluble in 100% ethanol, DMSO or dimethyl formamide; also soluble in aqueous buffers (10mg/ml in PBS, pH 7.2).
  • StabilityStable for 2 yr in light resistant containers @ 5-15 C degrades in 1 wk when exposed to sunlight or in 3 mo @ 40 C stable in light, air, and heat.
  • UsageMedication (vet).

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