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Молекулярная структура
CAS-номер: 66-81-9 Заказать# RT000156 Заказать Распечатать
  • Synonyms Actidione; cicloheximide; 3-(2-(3,5-dimethyl-2-oxocyclohexyl)-2-hydroxyethyl)glutarimide
  • EINECS200-636-0
  • Molecular FormulaC15H23NO4
  • HS Code29419000
  • AppearanceOff-white to light tan powder
  • Molecular Weight281.35
  • Density1.136 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point491.8 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Melting Point107-114°C
  • Flash Point251.2 °C
  • Alpha-28.5 o (C=1, CHCL3)
  • Storage Temperature2-8°C
  • Refractive index1.498
  • Solubility2.1 g/100 mL (2 oC)
  • Biological ActivitySelective inhibitor of eukaryotic (over prokaryotic) protein synthesis, blocking tRNA binding and release from ribosomes. Induces apoptosis in a variety of transformed and normal cell lines, including T-cells. Competitively inhibits the PPIase hFKBP12 (K
  • StabilityStable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, alkali.

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