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Many industrial enterprises is now facing complex development and modernization challenges. Engineers and economists require interdisciplinary competencies for the implementation of projects at all stages of industrial development – from investment plan to start-up of the enterprise and subsequent decommissioning.

Engineering is a set of intellectual activities aimed at obtaining optimal results from investment or other costs associated with the implementation of different projects, due to the rational selection and effective use of material, labor, technological and financial resources, as well as organization and management methods based on scientific and technical achievements and taking into account the specific conditions and factors of the ongoing projects. The goal of engineering is to obtain the best possible results of the business process by customers and investors. It is achieved by developing projects with regard for high technologies, innovative design and selection of the best design solution, taking into account multi-criteria assessments, system approach to project implementation, and using modern organization and management methods at all stages of project implementation.

Environmental engineering. Due to the large number of environmental standards, regulations and requirements, a new engineering segment – the environmental one – has been formed. Environmental engineering (or environmental and engineering activities) is considered as an activity for industrial and civil facilities upgrading in terms of their environmental safety, and aimed at the feasibility study of a set of measures for environmental modernization of production. The goal of environmental engineering could be the pre-investment environmental assessment of design proposals and other environmental aspects. The peculiarity of environmental engineering for modernization of production in the period of economic reforms lies in its sectoral (corporate) implementation at individual representative enterprises with subsequent dissemination of results to other branch enterprises on well-defined priorities.

The main activities of REATORG in the field of environmental engineering are as follows:

  • ensuring environmental safety of production;

  • treatment of industrial, medical and toxic wastes;

  • environmental protection, environmental control and monitoring, wastewater treatment

As part of the environmental engineering services, REATORG offers a full range of works:

  • Comprehensive environmental audit of enterprises and on the basis of its recommendations for solving environmental problems, a search for modern innovative environmental equipment, technologies and technical equipment on the market that can meet the goal of production modernization;

  • Implementation of environmental and economic justification of proposals for the manufacture or acquisition of technical equipment, technologies and licenses;

  • Development of the technology upgrade concept, focused on the use of modern technologies and equipment. Technological research on pilot (prototype) equipment for industrial use of the proposed technology (wastewater treatment, reduction of waste generation, etc.). Development of technical assignment for reconstruction (modernization);

  • Development of design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction (environmental modernization) of the production facility, waste disposal sites and industrial and municipal waste, industrial and domestic waste water and other toxic waste treatment facilities.

  • Construction works on turnkey basis (reconstruction – ecological modernization) of production facilities, waste disposal sites and industrial and municipal waste, industrial and domestic waste water and other toxic waste treatment facilities, including the manufacture and supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and service maintenance of equipment.

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