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During operation of hazardous industrial facilities (hereinafter referred to as HIF), as well as during technical upgrading of facilities, the demolition of buildings, structures and other utilities is often needed. The liquidation is usually carried out in case of necessity to clear the industrial site for new construction or excessive physical and moral wear.

An enterprise planning the conservation or liquidation of a hazardous industrial facility must ensure the safety of life and health of population, protection of the environment, buildings and structures in the impact zone of the facilities to be conserved (liquidated). .

Liquidation of hazardous industrial facility

The HIF liquidation process begins with the development of liquidation plan.

The hazardous facility liquidation plan contains a list of activities for:

  • removal of hazardous substances;

  • preparation of equipment for removal;

  • disconnection from utility systems;

  • demolition of buildings and structures;

  • disposal of equipment and waste

Then, an expertise of industrial safety of the HIF liquidation plan is carried out in accordance with the established procedure. The expert's conclusion is approved by the territorial body of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. At the final stage, a hazardous facility is excluded from the HIF State registry.

If the limit quantities of hazardous substances at a hazardous industrial facility meet or exceed the threshold specified in Appendix 2 of Federal Law No. 116, then the liquidation plan should include the Industrial Safety Declaration.

Conservation of the hazardous industrial facility

The well suspension project includes:

  • explanatory note (justification of conservation criteria); 

  • process and technical solutions for the performance of work;

  • sequence, schedule, performers;

  • complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at ensuring industrial and environmental safety at the facility abandonment, conservation, i.e. prevention of its destruction, ensuring the HIF operation after depreservation.

 Liquidation plan and conservation of hazardous industrial facilities are developed taking into account the following documents:

  • Federal Law dated 21.07.1997 No.116-FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities"

  • RD dated 02.06.1999 No. 07-291-99 Procedural Guidelines for Abandonment and Securing of Hazardous Production Facilities Involving the Use of Mineral Resources

  • Law of the Russian Federation dated 21.02.1992 No. 2395-1 "Concerning Subsurface Resources"

  • RD dated 04.11.2000 No. 09-390-00 Model Ordinance for Organization and Execution of Work to Ensure a Safe Shutdown for a Long Period and/or Closeout of Chemically Hazardous Industrial Facilities.

Reatorg develops projects for the conservation and liquidation of hazardous industrial facilities and offers a comprehensive solution of the enterprise problems in the field of industrial safety: starting from the preparation of the liquidation/conservation plan to the approval of the industrial safety assessment of the project in the territorial body of Rostekhnadzor, as well as the implementation of practical works on the liquidation (conservation) of facilities, including:

  • preparation of facilities for liquidation (cleanup of equipment, buildings, structures from residues of hazardous chemicals, degassing of equipment, buildings, structures and territory remediation, disposal/neutralization of chemicals);

  • removal of equipment, demolition of buildings and structures;

  • reclamation of the territory.

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